Call for artists, writers and enthusiasts


Pots of paint and a hand with paintbrush

Inspiring art while staying at home

The RBSA would like to open the opportunity to share the creative ways artists arecontinuing their practice and engaging audiences during social distancing.

There has been a wonderful surge in the way creatives have been using the internet to share their work, make video workshops andlook out for each other.Engagement with visual arts isa fundamental part of the RBSA and it’s extremely importantthat we continuesharingthe brilliant work of our artists to a variety of audiences – even if our gallery is closed.

The RBSA currently has an active blog, social media channels, and we are now looking into additional platforms for exhibiting artwork online.

If you want to stay engaged with our communityand have artwork, writing, videos, images or ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you. It can be as simple asa few sketches from homeor a list of useful resources, to…

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